How Revenue Management Works

It lets you automate – better yet, supercharge – inventory control

Your flight inventory settings control the revenue outcome for each flight. These settings dictate just what classes and prices you have for sale and the availability at each price point. It’s crucially important stuff and has a huge effect on your revenues and profits, but are you paying enough attention to it? Aviator controlled inventory settings typical generate 7% or more then manual inventory settings. It is easy to see why.

Aviator sets up thousands of flights per day for the best revenue results, automatically tracking each flight and date, then modifying inventory settings dynamically as passengers book or cancel. Nothing is left to chance and Aviator is at work 7 days a week. Aviator optimises and automates the entire inventory control process, resulting in higher average fares per passenger on high-demand flights, and higher loads on low-demand flights. Your flight control staff are still very important, but now they will be far more productive as they can concentrate on high value opportunities.

Typically, you’ll achieve revenue increases of 7%
or more with Aviator revenue management

You’ll be more doggedly, ruthlessly competitive than ever

If your airline is a low-cost-carrier, or if you compete against one, you’ll love Aviator’s competitive optimisation features. Cleverly, Aviator imports your competitors’ live web data each day, then applies your proprietary business strategy – ensuring  that your lowest available prices are always as competitive as possible. You are in complete control with total flexibility – in fact, your strategy can be fine-tuned, automatically applied to thousands of flights, and automatically checked everyday.

You’ll be making smarter decisions

Information is power—and Aviator includes outstanding reporting tools that empower your analysts and managers to work proactively and make smarter revenue decisions. This full suite of reports covers forward and historic sales, revenue estimates, yields, forecasts and more—valuable information that forms the basis for smarter, faster decision making in marketing, sales, scheduling and inventory control.

Aviator reports always let you know how the weeks and months ahead are performing in terms of loads, yields and revenues. Meaningful “this year/last year” comparisons allow you to keep a firm grip on the forward demand for each destination. And revenue forecast reports let you identify weaknesses and opportunities well in advance—so you can address them expeditiously.

It lets you reinvent your airline as a Revenue Management organisation

The core concepts of Revenue Management will make great sense to your inventory analysts and managers. After all, it’s hard to argue with a simple goal of increased revenue. So when you implement Aviator, you will probably find your staff working together like never before in reaching that goal.

And with Aviator, the goal is eminently achievable—because it gives your staff the system they need to maximise revenue, and the feedback they need to know they are on track.