Training Programs


Nobody at your airline would argue that your pilots don’t require great training. Well, the same holds true for your Revenue Management staff. After all, they have a big impact on your airline’s revenue. If you want maximum profits, make sure that your Revenue Management staff receive great training and support from experts. Not to worry—we supply this as part of your Aviator Revenue Management package.

Over the past 13 years, we have provided Revenue Management training and software to over 25 airlines, from LCCs to regional carriers and traditional international carriers. Each member of our senior staff, including those who would be involved in training for your airline, has more than 20 years’ experience in airline RM. We will work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure that your RM program brings the best possible revenue benefits to your airline.

What should you expect from a typical Aviator training package?

Pre-installation visit: Our experts will meet with your staff to get familiar with the way your team are controlling flights now. We will show you options and make suggestions regarding money making strategies you may wish to consider. Together, we will create an effective cut-over and training plan for your unique needs. During this process, we will also specify the best configuration of Aviator for your airline. Our development team can then fine-tune Aviator so it is ready to work 100% effectively with the strategies that are best for your airline. This is a great first step, ensuring that all members of the team know just what to expect and that there are no surprises during the installation.

Classroom training: Once Aviator has been installed, class-room training begins. We split the training into two separate onsite visits to your offices. Revenue management training is too important to rush, so we help your team build their knowledge one step at a time. Training round one includes the core concepts of Revenue Management, plus user training for Aviator reporting, highlighting and other core functions..

Training round two, which usually takes place a few weeks later, covers the more advanced topics of flight demand forecasting and flight revenue optimisation. During this training, your team will already commence cutting live flights over to Aviator revenue optimisation. The revenue benefits start to flow immediately.

Depending on your airline’s requirements, your training package may also include the Revenue Management “Health Check” program.

And of course, our team are standing by to help you to train new staff members as they come on board, and to provide refresher training for your team.