System integration

Aviator links with your reservations and inventory system

In order to create flight optimisation, reports and, of course, deliver extra revenue, Aviator must be tightly integrated with your reservations inventory system. Aviator is already linked with all the world’s major systems, as well as most of those used by smaller, “boutique” airlines.

What the typical link includes

The interface with each reservation system is slightly different. Some are sophisticated, offering a virtual real-time 24/7 connection. Others are simple and clean, but still provide the right result. A straightforward Aviator-Res system link works 24 hours and includes the following steps:

Late evening:

Your reservations system prepares live flight inventory and sales data for Aviator for every flight in the system. Aviator automatically imports this data and then re-calibrates forecasts using the latest sales information. Aviator then optimises each flight for maximum revenue.

3 am:

Aviator sends the inventory recommendations back to your reservations system, which automatically updates the inventory on live flights to increase the revenue outcome. To handle unusual conditions, specific flight recommendations can be sent to an analyst for review before being sent to your reservations system.

During the working day

Aviator analysts review any “manual” recommendations and then send the recommendations to your reservations system. When the analyst clicks the “Accept” button on Aviator, an automated process takes place which promptly updates the flight in your reservations system. Analysts can modify flights anytime throughout the day.


Depending on your inventory system and your needs, this entire process can take place multiple times per day, or Aviator can link to provide a virtually live link experience.