The right information, instantly available

Aviator features an extensive suite of reports and charts, giving your analysts powerful information that is unobtainable from a reservations system. And with the right information at their fingertips, your flight analysts have all the data needed to control the flight, as well as assist your sales and pricing people.

Aviator reporting is fast, powerful and easy to use. Reports and charts cover all aspects of flight performance including loads, yields, forecasts, revenue estimates and booking patterns. Reports can span one year forward and at least one year back, so your analysts can easily view year-to-year comparisons. There are often multiple charts associated with each report.

Export and share the information

Aviator reports typically include crucial commercial information for airline management, so it is important that they can be easily shared in all common office formats. That is indeed the case—in fact, they can be viewed, printed and saved using Excel, Word or PDF.

Detail for the analysts, summaries for the managers

While your analysts need reports showing the details of each flight, management look for a broader perspective. Aviator Summary Reports cover these varying needs perfectly. Instantly-produced, network-wide summary reports show past, current and future forecasts of seat sold, seat factors, revenues, yields, RPK’s and ASK’s. Other reports compare your forward bookings for the months ahead to forward bookings at exactly the same time the previous year.

The whole airline benefits

Aviator reports allow the benefits of revenue management to be transmitted well beyond the revenue management department.

This is powerful information which will give your management team a real edge. They’ll be able to easily see exactly how the commercial activity looks for the coming months. There are opportunities to be seized—and this forward information means that marketing and scheduling decisions can now be made well ahead of departure dates.