Your Aviator team

Meet our senior staff

This is the team who will help you to maximise
the effect of your Revenue Management project.

Ian Johnson,


Ian was on the initial team implementing revenue management at British Airways and was impressed by its impact on the airline’s finances. He held a variety of roles in airline commercial and IT. departments in Europe, Africa and Australasia before owning and operating companies specialising in airline reservations systems and revenue management.

Peter Brewer,

Chief Executive Officer

Peter has over 25 years’ experience in Revenue Management, for airlines, TV networks and the entertainment industry. During this time he has been personally involved in every aspect of Revenue Management, across over 30 implementations. Peter will be managing our team and working with yours to help ensure that Aviator maximises revenue for your company.

Kai Griffin,

Development Director

Kai has 30 years’ experience within the travel industry, including airlines, cruise lines, group & conference travel, and passenger airlines. He has been involved with software development within the airline industry for over 20 years, using a variety of programming languages, for both desktop and web environments. He has special expertise in emerging technologies that work efficiently with massive quantities of data, helping to ensure that our products are highly responsive.

Szin Yi Leong,

Aviator Product Manager

Szin is the Product Manager extraordinaire for Aviator! She has a wealth of experience having managed the development and implementation of Aviator client installations and enhancements for over 25 airlines. Her background in business and information systems has given her a comprehensive understanding of airlines’ revenue management requirements.

Donovan Broad,

Senior Aviator Development Manager

Donovan has over 20 years’ experience in information technology programming in a variety of domains from large mainframe applications such as airline reservations, departure control systems and credit card transaction processing systems through to multi-user client-server desktop applications such as greenhouse control, engineering configuration and Aviator.

Michelle Morgan,

Senior Revenue Management Analyst

Michelle has worked in Revenue Management for over 10 years. This is complemented by another eight years in airline pricing, scheduling, alliances and network evaluation. Her background is in finance and accounting. This combination of skills enables her to really understand your business needs, particularly in regards to improving revenues and profits.

Gary Felton,

Senior Revenue Management Consultant

Gary has successfully implemented, trained and supported RM systems/procedures for more than 15 airlines throughout the Asia-Pacific, the Americas and Africa. This has included work with most major inventory systems in the world and many of the smaller ones too. Gary’s RM mantra is to first get the basics right. He has found that having the basics firmly in place delivers the vast bulk of the revenue gains without the need to over complicate the process.

Corne de Waal,

Senior Revenue Management Consultant

During the past 20 years, Corne has been intimately involved in Revenue Management within the airlines, accommodation and bus industries, in numerous capacities ranging from user, developer to consultant. He has been involved in numerous Aviator implementations across the globe and is using his in-depth knowledge and expertise to assist and guide airlines in maximising their revenues through Aviator.