Consultancy Support

A highly experienced revenue management consultant can help you to start off on your path to greater revenue in the best way, not to mention re-invigorating your existing RM team.

Aviator comes complete with training, consultancy and as much follow up as you wish. But what if you are not an Aviator customer, or simply want some totally independent advice?
 We have worked with some fine independent consultants during the past 15 years, and the best three we know are listed here. Contact us and we will put you straight in touch with them directly.

Tony Robertson

Need someone with the ability to think broadly and strategically, with effective implementation skills? Then Tony is your man. He is an experienced airline executive manager and strategic consultant with expertise in all facets of yield management, pricing, and new market development. Tony, based in New Zealand, has more than 16 years of senior management experience (with Northwest Airlines and Air New Zealand).

Gary Parker

Gary is a dynamic, highly-rated conference speaker and chair who has presented at many RM conferences and workshops, including: PROS, IATA, Eye for Travel, Marcus Evans, and Lufthansa Systems User Workshops. Gary, based in Canada, has over 22 years’ experience working in revenue management and training with airlines and travel-related companies around the globe.

Szabolcs Szentes

Szabolcs, based in New Zealand, has vast experience in the application and implementation of advanced customer, revenue, product and pricing analytics, managing people, technology, processes and programmes in BI, data analysis and reporting. In his career in revenue management, his main focus has been the segmentation and forecasting of demand and revenue projections, optimal inventory allocation, data warehousing and reporting, and continuous improvement of business processes..