…your “extra revenue” auto-pilot

Optimisation—the very heart of revenue management—is a long-established science, but to be 100% effective it must recognise your unique market conditions while also adhering to core revenue management principles. Aviator is designed from the ground up to support this tailored approach and will optimise the inventory settings on each of your future flight departures in order to increase your revenues.

…shaped to fit your unique market conditions

Aviator offers a large range of optimisation models and versions to meet your individual needs. We know flexibility is imperative, and Aviator allows your staff to change optimisation logic from market to market and from season to season.

Traditional EMSRb optimisation is included, along with advances on those models. Custom-designed business logic allows individual airlines to tailor core modules to unique market conditions. For example, our exclusive price/demand sensitivity models are very popular with low-cost carriers.

On top of that, your competitors’ live internet fare data can be fed into the Aviator optimisation process and can automatically influence the result. Imagine that: no more manual price matching on low- demand flights! Aviator has a score of other competitive options to fully automate your competitive strategy.

Speed matters

With all these options and sophistication, Aviator remains easy and fast to use. Your team will automate processes so that 90% of flights are handled automatically. They will need to concentrate only on special or new flights. When reviewing optimisation results, your team will have access to the full range of additional decision support information—so a smart, quick decision is just a click away. Single flights can be easily adjusted in Aviator, and whole blocks of flights can be modified in one hit— at lightning speed.

No limits

All modern class nesting models are supported, including hybrid nesting and class groupings. Aviator business logic makes the control of non-revenue and group classes easy. Aviator optimisation supports several versions of automated and user-defined overbooking mechanisms, including movable curtain models.