Health QR Code-Chinese way to combat COVID-19

As the situation around COVID-19 continues to develop, many areas will experience a change in current work practise. Our company decided to take precautionary measures and everyone from our Sydney office is working from home. Our company is spread world-wide and we have got colleagues based in France, South Africa, Napa, Fiji and China.

We would like to share an article from our colleague in China, where she is describing how government in China is trying all efforts to combat the virus. They implemented a system called Health QR Code.

Health QR Code

The system is an innovative attempt of China to control the epidemic by using big data and mobile internet technologies. It was first launched in Hangzhou on Feb 11 and is promoted all across China. Residents and those entering a city need to apply online and receive either a green, red, or yellow code, which is based on the users’ movements over the previous two weeks, as well as control rules and data modeling.

Health QR Code

How it works

The system assigns users one of three coloured QR codes — green, orange or red. Residents need to show the code when going in and out of their residential communities, offices, and restaurants, to facilitate fulfillment of their work, life and travel needs. The green code means the holder has not been to virus-hit areas and the body temperature is normal, thus is allowed to travel freely and resume work. The orange code holders are requested to stay at home for medical observation and accept community management. Red code requires 14 days quarantine.

Foreign citizens and those from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan can also apply for a health QR code to help track the current epidemic situation.

What’s its purpose?

The QR code facilitates epidemic prevention and control and helps residents resume work and travel in an orderly manner. It provides data support for personnel control in residential areas, office buildings, factory sites, supermarkets, technology parks and administration service centers, and makes no-contact checks possible which will reduce virus transmission risks.

Every country is trying to combat COVID-19 as best as they can. Let’s hope the situation will pass quickly.

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