Health Check

Revenue Management Health Check

It is great to see an immediate increase in revenue through revenue management. It is even better when the revenue gains keep coming in over time. This can be locked in through our revenue management Health Checks. The first Health Check should take place some months (or even years) after your airline has started using Aviator and has completed Aviator training.

Prior to the Health check, our consultant is given access to your revenue management system, to collect data for the workshop sessions. Our consultant will be combing through flights and trends so as to earmark markets with the most promising further opportunities for revenue improvements. At that point, our senior consultant will work onsite with your 
revenue management staff to review and fine tune the way revenue management 
is applied at your airline.

Our consultant will also work in detail through your revenue management
processes and revenue results. Specific flights and departures will be
analysed, so that your team are more fully aware of the impact that
they have on revenue, and the steps they can take to further improve
revenue for each flight.

The aim of the Health Check is to lift the performance of your revenue management team, and to ensure that the world’s best practices are being applied for your airline. The Health Check is normally a five-day, onsite workshop session involving
 our consultant and your revenue management staff. We have also, however, conducted Health Checks offsite when that is more conducive to a productive process.