First Steps

Let’s talk.

Believe us, we want to know just as much about your airline as you want to know about us. A great way to start is to contact us, so that we can talk about whether revenue management would help your company. We can arrange to set up a web-based demo that will show you all the Aviator features that interest you the most. If, at that point, you are convinced that Aviator might be advantageous for your airline (and most of our clients did), we will ask you even more about your airline, and then provide a proposal specific to your airline with complete pricing, and an implementation and training plan.

Let’s implement.

Aviator implementation and training typically takes eight weeks, but we can do it in as little as four if you are in a big rush. The steps include:

– A pre-implementation meeting with you and your team. We will discuss all the unique things about your airline—your market, your codeshare and group traffic, your competitive
 situation and your strategies. There are many Aviator options you can choose from, so in these meetings we help you to create the perfect Aviator suite just for your airline.

– Organising the data feed from your inventory system.

– Training: Aviator users are normally your flight analysts, and Aviator training is typically split into two programs. The first covers Aviator Reporting and Highlighter functionality, while the second program covers Aviator Forecasting and Optimisation.

Depending on your needs, we may suggest follow up Health Check training. This usually happens three to six months after the initial training, and helps fine tune and lock in all the good practices that are raising revenue for your airline.

Let us support you going forward.

We are proud of the feedback we get for Aviator support. All our support staff are airline revenue management experts, so the person you speak to first will often be able to help you immediately. We have a wide team of support staff around the world waiting to assist you.