Consultancy Packages

Since revenue management plays such a vital role in determining airline profits, it is logical to do all you can to support the revenue management team. Maxamation experts are available to help you with “one-off” consultancy projects to ensure that your team are working at maximum performance.

We offer several packages to help you begin your transition to revenue management, or to help you ramp up the performance of your organisation’s existing revenue 
management program.

“First Steps” packages

These packages are aimed at airlines that are not formally practising revenue management yet. Perhaps at this time your airline is “controlling” flight inventory manually. Our consultants can help you learn and apply revenue management concepts, without the use of a revenue management system. This can include assistance in selecting and creating a revenue management team, putting together daily work practices and responsibilities for team members, implementing best practices in manual flight control, and spreading the benefits of revenue management throughout your airline. This consultancy package is sure to help your airline increase revenues, whether or not you opt to progress to the use of our Aviator system in the future.

Key results areas / key performance indicators consultancy

Our consultants can help your airline to set up sound key result areas (KRAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) for your revenue management department. These are used to guide your staff toward delivering the best results and also to gain the ability to measure their performance going forward. This process sets out clear steps to maximise revenue management success, and then helps lock them in by ensuring senior airline staff can easily monitor progress.

Maxamation consultants will also help document a detailed procedures guide that covers daily, weekly and monthly tasks required by your staff. They will be introduced to this guide, so they understand what is expected of them and how their performance will be measured.

As part of this consultancy, your manager will also be trained in how to monitor the staff consistently (e.g. where to look, when to look, how to track, etc). This is critical, because like the situation most managers find themselves in, there is never enough time in a working day to do everything they want to do.

In addition, your supervisor will be trained to know the most efficient ways of monitoring staff performance, and to use a systematic approach to recording data that can help ensure regular and consistent supervision and staff appraisals.

Health Check

The best way to lock in revenue gains for the years ahead is to have what we call regular revenue management Health Checks. These are our most popular consultancy packages. We will work with your team to review past performance and pinpoint areas for improvement. Using your own data, we will suggest improvements, catch problems, and set up your team to work at peak performance. Click here to learn more.

A la carte

Does your organisation need something specific to help your revenue management team realise their full potential? Contact us about a tailored consultancy program just for you.

Not an airline?

Not to worry—we have delivered revenue management training, consultancy and advice to a wide range of industries including coach companies, TV networks and opera companies.