Challenges of the Aviator software training

There are 3 aspects of Aviator software training: Theory, Technical and Practical.


The Theory discusses hypothetical situations and what to consider solving each situation.

For example:

  • Should an airline match a competitor’s price or not?
  • How to use historical data through COVID-19


The Technical teaches how to update the revenue management system to apply the strategy chosen.

For example:

  • Aviator is a very intuitive airline software.

After completing an Aviator course with highly experienced trainers, most users do not need to refer to training material to know how to update the software.

Aviator software


The Practical allows the trainees to set up live flights themselves whilst training is fresh in their mind. Trainers remain on site to provide immediate assistance and consultancy during the initial set up.

For example:

With Aviator training, we do not just train you in the product and leave.

We strike whilst the iron is hot, so we stay with you to help you apply your chosen strategies across a selection of markets so that your team is confident to use Aviator software before we leave.

With Aviator, training is tailored to your airline’s environment. We research your competition, both direct and indirect. We understand your network. This makes training even more practical and enjoyable because your staff understand everything they see.

Aviator software training


A final note for Aviator airlines

Our support team is 2nd to none. Our trainers train your airline onsite knowing that when they leave, you are not alone. The trainers and our support team are always available to help you use Aviator software after training. This is always useful for when an airline goes through a significant change like:

  • Fare class realignment
  • Major schedule change
  • New competition
  • COVID-19

People from Maxamation are always ready to help you use our product based on your chosen strategy.

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