Brand new Aviator airline revenue management system live with Vietjet


Maxamation has been developing revenue management systems for airlines for well over 20 years. The new Aviator airline revenue management system has proven enormously popular with 50 airline customers worldwide. 

Maxamation has a firm policy of ‘develop first…then showcase’

Which means that we absolutely surprised the market in 2019 by releasing a totally new type of airline revenue management system. This new Aviator is the biggest leap forward in Maxamation history. 

The Aviator takes all the smart functionality and industry know-how we love from the original system and delivers it using the latest web-based technology. The user experience is totally new. 

What’s new?

Reporting in Aviator is now almost infinitely flexible and super fast. Aviator is sharing the same search and database models with Airbus and Citibank. Giving the new system incredible speed and the ability to work with enormous data sets.

Forecasting and optimisation are faster and smarter than ever with the ability to forecast and optimize hundreds of thousands of flights each night for each of our airline partners.

Our initial deployment for VietJet was a complete success with the airline so enthusiastic about the system that they bought forward the cutover date.

Airline revenue management system

VietJet review 

VietJet is delighted with the brand new Aviator design for 2020. Throughout years of operating and managing a huge number of flights, our jobs have been eased and assisted so much with Aviator optimising every single seat sold with great forecasts, excellent accuracy and sound optimization rules. We continually recognize that with Maxamation we receive a high level of working commitment, strong responsibility and great support from our key partner.

What’s next?

2020 will be another big year for additional development of the new Aviator system. The extra functionality will be completely unique to Aviator. That will further underline the superiority of the system.   

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